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About me

About Me

Born in 2000 in Nicosia (CY), I was lucky enough to grow up with a good education around caring people. From an early age I was always fascinated by using technology to come up with fun and creative solutions. When I'm not working on my latest project you can usually find me in a kitchen, at a football field or in front of a screen :)


By constantly coming up with my own projects to work on and teaching myself new skills through books and online resources I managed to develop a passion around the fields of programming, technology and audiovisual arts. By experiencing both success and failure through my creations I learned to approach every new task with confidence, an open mind and a clear goal in the back of my head.


After successfully graduating from both highschool as well as military school in 2018 and in 2019 respectively, I decided to follow my passion through a degree in Creative Technology, which I finished in 2022. At the moment I'm following a masters in Interaction Technology which i plan to finish by 2025. Next to my studies I had the opportunity to work on various art & technology projects which you can find at BLOCK SYSTEM